Red Bandit


Red Bandit  is a mixed ndn city-dweller who dabbles in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, poetry and fiction, pen and pencil, chalk, stencil-work, and of course hundreds of sharpies. Red Bandit’s work tends towards the dark and macabre, both due to a fascination with skeletal structures and an ongoing struggle to understand and live with her personal and inherited ghosts.
Although social justice issues, especially gender and mixed/indigenous identity, are still driving forces behind Red Bandit’s work, in the last few years the artist has become more comfortable with sharing and drawing from her personal experiences in public arenas, especially struggling with mental health and chronic illness. The artist identifies as kwagu’ł and bigender, and is largely based out of Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario.




wheatpastes by Red Bandit, Unceded Voices 2014

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