Swarm at work
Swarm is a mixed POC street artist and multidisciplinary artist who centres her work around naturally-occurring patterns on Earth and throughout the universe. Swarm uses these patterns, and those that she derives from them, to convey a deep understanding and appreciation of ‘nature’; a word that is watered down in today’s settler colonial society. Whether it be cracks in the road or veins on a leaf, these patterns occur naturally everywhere. Swarm admires them for how they are arbitrary by nature while simultaneously mirroring each other, following a pattern.
Swarm uses these patterns to spread the message that this miracle of life is not only worth celebrating, but also worth protecting. For this years Anti-Colonial Street Artists Convergence, Swarm will be using patterns and figures to portray how it feels to be a mixed person of colour in the world today. Swarm’s goal is to visually portray transcending psychological damages of life-long identity erasure and micro-aggressions based on ethnic ambiguity.


No Pipelines, mural by Swarm, Unceded Voices 2014


Capture d’écran 2014-11-09 à 21.14.31

wheapaste by Swarm

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